TC Fundamentals, Transaction Coordinator

What is a Transaction Coordinator?

A transaction coordinator is someone who assists real estate
agents during a real estate transaction. 
A “TC” keeps the transaction running smooth and makes sure that all the
disclosures and documents are signed, and that all the contractual timelines
are being met from contract to closing.
At the end of a transaction, the “TC” should make sure that
the broker receives a completed file.   This will ensure that the broker is staying compliant
with their state requirements for each transaction.
Transaction coordinators who work independently can average
between $300 to $550 per transaction.  “TC’s”
generally will get paid at the close of escrow. 
If the transaction gets canceled before the close of escrow then you
typically will not get paid, unless you have made other arrangements with your
real estate agents.
A transaction coordinator is a great way to be involved in
the real estate industry but work virtually from home.  This is a great job for someone who is very
organized and enjoys the administrative part of the paperwork. 
We are in the process of creating transaction coordinator
training which will be completed very soon. 
If you would be interested in this training, please send us an email  
would love to hear from you.

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